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Website Seo: What You Need To Know

Website SEO is an art of know what the search engine and your potential customers are looking for. It is a process of tuning the experience of users and helping search engine understands your relevancy for search. It also forms a critical part of the buying process when people land on your site. If you can build your website to please both site visitors and the search engines, then your website can potentially be quite profitable.

What Search Engines Are Looking For

Search engines is a 3rd party service in helping people find what they are looking for. Finding the most relevant content is a challenging task when there are so many sites around that are competing to be shown on the 1st page. That is why search engines like Google is always refining the best way that it can obtain information that is relevant, rich in content and with the best user experience. Website like those that are not mobile friendly will be lacking user experience while those that are will score better in mobile search.

Search engines wants to find a content that is well linked to several related resources. This makes the piece of content very rich with information. If you are linking to another piece of article that is related to your topic, then this will make a good reference to your article. This way, the other article also links to more article and the whole content is very rich with information to help people understand well in a certain topic.

Other factors in user experience include the load speed of the website. If your website is loading very slow, chances are people will navigate away from your website. This will mean your website is not user friendly too. Making sure all pages are optimized is part of website SEO. Search engine optimization is separated into 2 parts – Website SEO and off-page SEO. Website SEO takes care of what is required in a website to rank well, while off-page SEO work on building links and reference from another website to your own. This makes your website well connected with information not only from your website but from other high-quality website as well.

Be Consistent with Domain Names

Choosing a good domain name will also be part of website SEO. If your domain name is too long, it will affect the SEO score too. Making it also very difficult for people to remember your domain name. Making sure that your domain name www is redirected to your root domain or else it shows error or 404 is also a problem. It can also create a problem with search engine indexing, by showing 2 different sites instead of just one.

Lots of SEO professional will choose to buy an old domain. This is because these old domains usually have some links to it already, which makes the authority of the old domain much better in domain score than the new ones. However, do be careful to check that the previous owner did not do any shady SEO which will cause your site to be in some kind of penalty.

Optimizing for Different Types of Results

Other than to enhancing the desktop experience, make sure to pay attention to mobile devices optimization as well.

Use rich media like video as it’s easier to rank video on the first page than it is to get a web page to rank. Optimize your non-text content so search engines can detect it. If your site uses PDF or Documents, get yourself familiar with the best practices so search engines can crawl that content and give recognition to your site.

Don’t Forget Your Meta Properties

The content on your website should contain title tags and meta descriptions.

Meta keywords are pretty much not factor in ranking by search engines nowadays, but if you still use them, make sure it makes sense to the web page you are talking about. In other words, your meta description should be unique and relevant to that specific page. Duplicate meta descriptions within your website will not be good for you.

The purpose of this meta properties are to increase your chance for people to click onto your website link instead of your competitor.