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Marketing With Mail

Mail marketing is one of the oldest and most well-known forms of advertising, having been around for centuries. Everyone knows what junk mail is, and most people have gotten to a point where they simply do not read the random, unnamed mail which comes through their doors. It’s market oversaturation, clear and simple, but does that mean that mailing is a dead media? Not at all, and for many businesses it is still one of the most effective marketing strategies available.

Let’s face facts here, most people get more junk mail than they do actual mail. It’s a fact of life in this day and age, and is one of the only blanket media methods which will not be impacted by GDPR, after all, housing is easily looked up online. But businesses today are facing a common problem, how to get your services popular without over spending on expensive advertising. Depending on your product or service, the answer can be as simple as getting your boots on and delivering mail.

Some services thrive in this niche, and it’s easy to see why. The cost of bulk printing leaflets is always low, and with online services this is even cheaper. You can print 5000 leaflets for a few hundred quid, and if your service is suitable you’ll make it back in no time. Mailing is most effective when targeting a local niche, rather than a national audience. Alot of junk mail though my door, personally at least, is unsuccessful in this regard, as the service is not convenient to me. If I get a leaflet through my door advertising a product which is available online, I am not going to follow up on it. But if I get a leaflet about a new local restaurant opening, or offers at my local shop, then I may well try it out. It’s human nature to want to support your local environment, and mailers can take full advantage of this.

By far and away the best method for increasing sales through mailing is to include an offer with the letter or leaflet. Simple things such as online discount codes for a takeaway, or free first session with a coach or gym will always attract attention, and once the customer has tried a service, they will be more likely to stick with it.

Mailing is not meant for every business, as alot of companies simply would not profit from doing it. Those offering high-class services often find that mass mailing can negatively impact their image, and it becomes a detriment.

The best businesses to mass mail are those that are either convenient, or necessary. As said previously, local services thrive here by only mailing to their surrounding and serviced areas, but larger services can still gain from mass mailing. Necessary services such as phone lines, internet, gas, water, electric, fuel, insulation in the winter, the list goes on and on. The common theme among this kind of mass mail is that the services have to be both necessary and competitive; it’s no use advertising for an electricity supplier if their rates are higher than everyone elses. The caveat to this is always the same; people need incentive to swap services. If this isn’t through saving money, then the company will have to promote their product in other ways, through partnership with another business or offering a sign-up bonus. I wouldn’t swap my gas supplier if the rates were the same, but if the rates are the same and I get a free radio? Sign me up.