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Why You Should Complete White Card Training Online

White Card training is a valuable resource to construction tradespeople because not only does it fulfil a mandatory federal requirement but it also helps workers understand the importance of construction site safety. Some of the topics covered by the course include the hazards present on a high risk work site and what the law says about workplace health and safety.  

Online white card training is now available for all states and it’s easier to complete than face-to-face training. While some students are choosing to complete their mandatory white card training the old fashioned way – in person, most students are taking advantage of the online white card course to save them both time and money.

The white card gained on completion of the course is nationally recognised, so once you’ve got it, there’s no need to re-do the training, even if your relocate. If you’re involved in cross border work, this is a particularly beneficial feature. “Work Safely in the Construction Industry (CPCCOHS1001A)” is the official construction induction course offered by Registered Training Organisations (RTO).

If you are looking for work in the construction industry, it’s best to complete white card training first because employers prefer workers who are already in possession of this mandatory accreditation. Remember employers have a duty of care to ensure workers have a safety work environment and system of work, that includes ensuring everyone on the worksite is qualified to be there – this involves being in possession of a White Card.

The online white card course is preferred because it is more affordable, saving you on the actual fees as well as travel expenses. All the course material is reviewed online, so there are no costly textbooks needed and because the course was developed by experts in the building industry, it is of the highest standard.

If your work frequently takes you to construction sites, then you must complete general construction safety training known as the white card course. Delivery drivers, landscapers, roofers, plumbers, masons etc. must be in possession of a white card.

The actual white card is a small card, resembling a credit card that is your national access to work on a construction site.

If you are looking for a flexible way of training, the online white card is it. Students complete the course entirely online, with a short telephone based assessment completed during business hours. On average students take 3 to 4 hours to complete the course, with the verbal assessment usually taking 10-15 minutes.

An added benefit of the online course is that you can complete it at your convenience. If you have a computer or IPad, with an internet connection and printer, you can complete the online course, anytime you choose, night or day, 24/7. Employers require your white card as proof that you have completed mandatory general construction induction training and many of them will ask for this before considering you for employment.