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Why Offline Marketing Still Matters

There are reasons why businesses still use offline marketing techniques in their promotional campaigns. Analysis of these reasons reveals that online marketing has shortcomings in certain aspects. Heres the data:

People trust print marketing more than internet marketing. In addition, response to direct mail marketing is steadily on the rise.

Eighty percent of consumers respond instantly to calls to action from direct mails, as opposed to the 45% instant response rate involving emails.

Not all people are online. Studies show that 4.4 billion of all people around the world have no access to the internet. In addition, 30% of Americans prefer brick-and-mortar purchases than online purchases.

So, the market is still a heterogeneous market, and it requires that businesses employ both offline and online marketing strategies. However, when choosing offline strategies, you cant just pick whatever comes your way. You have personal and business constraints to factor in. Consider the strategies below, keeping in mind your limits.

Direct Mail

Direct mail has an enduring power and therefore, its not going to die anytime soon. A marketing expert proposed two arguments for this:

Direct mail is the only sensible way to persuade affluent male consumers to buy.

The growing over-50 market has more money than their younger counterparts. Furthermore, these people are as open to dealing with businesses in print, as they are open to making purchases online.

However, you may think that it may not work if your materials are not catchy enough to be noticed by the rich consumers. Dont worry. Search online for printing and direct mail companies that offer affordable printed materials for marketing.

Most of them have been in business for quite a time now, so they can guide you better on how you can make it budget-friendly while they teach you more strategies that cant be covered in this presentation.

Real Life Events

Theres always a chance for you to connect directly with your customers. Given the online advantage, the next step is to create events where you can meet your potential clients and customers face-to-face. Talk about your products in those meetings with a clear emphasis on how they can benefit your audience.

After every offline event, carry on the fun and discussion online. That way, your consumers will get the idea that you are accessible both offline and online.

Unique Story

Every business has a unique selling point. Its the one that attracts their customers to give their time to knowing them better, both offline and online. Whats your unique selling point? After identifying that, tell your story online and then spread the word offline.

Commit yourself to giving your customers a unique value. If you can be different and create a different experience in the life of your customers, theres no reason for you not to succeed. Finally, leave a mark that is distinctively yours, offline and online.