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Webinars – Setting Up For Success

Webinars are increasingly becoming the preferred method of spreading ideas, information, and tips within industries. This is because of the convenience it offers and the speed and latitude on which it can offer that information, which has the potential to garner a worldwide audience

However, for a webinar to succeed in its aim, it must be able to succeed at doing two things: attracting people into the webinar; and getting them engage and catch their interest so that get value from the seminar. This article will focus on the latter.

Here are some actionable tips to holding a successful webinar:

Present your ideas in a concise manner and the simplest and shortest way possible

Typically, the time one has to give and share ideas in a webinar is highly limited so one must make drafts, plans and breakdowns on how one can present his or her topic in an interesting and engaging way in such a short period of time. Define your topic. What is the scope? What are you supposed to talk or not talk about in the webinar? How much time should I allot to each topic? Through asking questions like these that one can make a solid and cohesive presentation during a webinar.

Have only the fastest and most reliable internet connection as much as possible

On a web based service like webinars, the last thing anyone wants is a totally unreliable internet connection, whether be it through slow internet connections or through choppy ones that get interrupted pretty much all the time. So, as much as possible and within the constraints of your budget, invest on a fast and reliable internet connection for one to conduct a web conference that essentially involves lots of people over vast and potentially international distances. Look for affordable plans and bundles that can give you such connections and if possible, test for the internet speed during the time you want to conduct the webinar.

Test the reliability of the facilities and the equipment to be used

In conducting a webinar, one must make sure that everything that is needed in the webinar, including the software, the computers, the devices like earphones and speakers, and the internet connection, must be working in full order. Test whether the chat rooms and the dials are working and no one will encounter trouble. See if the internet you have everything ready, including your slides and presentations, and your script.

Use various ways to keep your audience interested like transitions and animations

Another way one can conduct a successful webinar is through the use of visual and interactive eye candy like transitions and animations. Such methods can not only keep your audience interested in you and the topic at hand in general, but it can also make you look like a professional for making an effort to at least have a bit of creativity in your presentation. However, one must be careful of the use of such devices. Too much and inappropriate use or the use of such inappropriate devices can ruin and not benefit your presentation.

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Use as much common English as possible and minimize the use of jargon

Because you are conducting a seminar over the web, there is a potential that you will have an international audience that can come from various countries, each with their own varying types of culture, technical knowledge, and language barriers. To deal with such a variety of mindsets, one must conduct a webinar in such a way that the use of highly technical jargon and the use of cultural references like slang and country specific phrases is limited or prevented altogether. If one cannot prevent the use certain technical terms however, one must either define first such terms or make sure that the audience that will be involved in the webinar will understand such words.