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Usps Eddm Mail Marketing Service Advantages

If youre running a small business in a certain locality, youll want to get customers quickly and affordably.

With the EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) service of the US Postal Service, achieving that goal is absolutely possible. EDDM is an easy way to promote your business to local residents.

What is EDDM?

EDDM is a targeted advertising technique that allows you to map out the right audience for your business. You can map your audience by variables like household size, income, gender and age.

The service is very affordable. Your mailing pieces will be delivered to businesses and residences for a flat rate of $0.176 apiece.

Use a Mapping Tool to Estimate Cost

To get an idea how the system works, go to a USPS-affiliate website. They feature easy-to-use mapping tools.

Use the tool to indicate the zip code of your locality, and the best possible carrier route for the person who will be sent to deliver your mail to your target customers.

On some websites offering direct mail printing and mailing services, you simply enter in the radius around your target address, and the town where the business is located. An EDDM mailing cost estimate will appear.

Key EDDM Advantages

Opting to use EDDM for delivering your mail comes with advantages, including:

* No need to obtain a mailing list All you need is the zip code of the locality of your operations. You save money and time with this, compared to targeted mails.

* The option to create bigger mail pieces The flat-rate scheme of the service allows you to pick a large size for your mail, without incurring a higher cost. This is good for those who need to use large mailing pieces to catch attention, and to have more space for writing a longer message.

* No need to acquire a permit A postal permission is not required for using the EDDM service. The USPS honors the use of the phrase local postal customers as the recipients address.

* Hassle-free mailing The EDDM is an easy-to-do kind of a mailing system. Mail between 200 and 5,000 pieces can be submitted at a post offices front desk. Your printing service can be made to handle the submission of the materials to the post office.

* Another option is to get the mailing materials formatted and printed by the printing service, and to have them deliver the mail to your residence. With this option, you are the one to bring the mail personally to the post office.

The USPS has recently launched an initiative to change the name of one of its popular services. What once was called the Standard Mail is now called USPS Mail Marketing.

By this initiative, the agency wants businesses to understand better how the service can be taken advantage of by them. Consult your printing service company, and ask them how the changes in the system can benefit your own business.