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Top 6 Benefits Of Direct Mail Marketing

Are you still wondering why you should use direct mail marketing? Then this article will enlighten you about its benefits. Contrary to what others believe, offline marketing techniques, such as direct mail marketing, still work. Here are some of the many benefits of direct mail:

1. Highly targeted A direct mail marketing campaign can maximize all your promotional and advertising efforts as you can tailor it to a specific audience, whether its for a new prospect or for a long-time customer. With that, the recipients will only receive information or offers that meet their specific buying habits or needs. This makes it more powerful and noticeable.

2. Tangible Essentially, direct mail will be directly delivered to the address of your intended audience. This means that they will see it and hold it in their hands. They will also less likely to ignore it as they will need to open it themselves. Because they can physically touch the mail, theres also a good chance they will perceive the contents as trustworthy.

3. Measurable results without the need for complex analysis For you to monitor how successful your direct mail marketing campaign is, you need only to count the number of redeemed coupons or inquiries from one piece of mail.

4. Highly individualized Computer programs give small companies the chance to address their present and potential customers by name when using direct mail campaigns. For instance, you can direct the message of your sales letter to a specific person as if youre directly speaking to him. This can further enhance their experience, leading to more purchases and higher interest.

5. Flexible Its flexible, in that you can easily include items in it, to make it even more powerful and effective in attracting attention. For instance, you may use postcards for marketing if you want to save money. You may also include free product samples in the direct mail. You are also free to include as much detail as you want, based on the amount youre willing to spend.

6. Higher chances of being opened than e-mail Keep in mind that the mailbox often requires more attention than ones e-mail inbox. If you send a direct mailing, youre actually letting your brand enter the recipients household physically. This will make it look more like an invitation, instead of just spam. Just make sure, however, that you do the campaign correctly.

Give them something they will find valuable. For instance, you can include funny comics in the mail that the recipients are likely to display in their home, or share with others. It should be relevant to the field youre in. Offering them something of value will surely provide a positive effect for your business that will last long.

Why use direct mail marketing? The benefits above will definitely answer that question and motivate you to try using direct mail in your marketing campaigns.