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The Benefits Of Migrating To Xero

Migrating to Xero cloud accounting software makes good business sense and here’s why.

  • You save time and resources.

With Xero your data is automatically updated via overnight bank feeds. This means no more double handling of your financial information. This minimises the risk of error, ensuring businesses get accurate bank reconciliations in a timely manner.

Especially when small businesses are involved, resources can be limited and the little available are precious, so wasting time can be extremely costly. This system ensures more efficient use of your bookkeeping and accounting resources.

  • Do business quicker

Online invoicing means you can send and receive invoices faster. You see when invoices have been opened and get paid a lot quicker.

  • Great for Teamwork

Xero facilitates collaboration allowing an unlimited amount of users to access your data. You can share information with your employees, bookkeeper, accountant, financial advisor or business partners. But that doesn’t mean that your data is in jeopardy. The security of your information is of the utmost importance and Xero has invested heavily in this. Also you decide which members of your team see what information, with different levels of access.

  • Forget the Hassle

Once you make use of the Xero software, you can forget about the really annoying parts of cloud accounting such as installing software, updating software and keeping backups. With Xero these are all automatic.

  • Access Your Books Anywhere, Anytime

Accessibility is one of the greatest benefits of cloud accounting and Xero in particular. You can use any device to access your accounts, anytime – night or day from anywhere in the world. So even if your bookkeeper or accountant is in another country, they can access your data and advise you as necessary. It’s so convenient being able to do bank reconciliations from wherever you choose, even from your office or couch. You can also make payments, send invoices etc. while you’re on the go.

  • Faster Payroll

There’s a quick pay run functionality available. With automated superannuation payments, your fledgling company saves time and money. There are also automatic tax updates so no need to bother with time consuming and often costly software upgrades.

  • Makes File Storage Simpler

With Xero you can attach multiple source documents as well as important files to transactions, so everything needed is in one place. You can also keep them in customised document folders within the Zero system, easy to store and access whenever, this is one of the reasons people with limited understanding of accounts favour this system.

  • Syncs with Other Applications

Xero software can be connected to other apps. By integrating Xero with other cloud applications, businesses are able to sync their client information, financial details, sales data etc. The system is just so much easier to understand and use, even if accounting has never been your strongpoint.

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