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Tecademics Chris Record

The Tecademics Chris Record business is the new internet marketing college that he launched in August 2016 to provide a college type experience for online marketers where they could come to attend campus and get a hands on structured learning experience. Some of the courses are distance learning courses that are taken online but the higher priced courses such as TEC Week and Ecom Incubator provide classes at their headquarters in Scottsdale Arizona. Chris Record plans to roll out Tecademics worldwide and provide campuses around the globe.

Currently, Tecademics offers tiered courses on four levels.

The entry level is called Entrepreneur Club and provides the basic building blocks and fundamentals to online marketing with new content offered every week with a subject per day. Mostly comprised of interviews and basic training covering mindset mastery, ecommerce, a book of the week, leadership academy and womens empowerment.

Impact is the second tier and is priced higher but delivers core marketing concepts and common strstegies utilised in online marketing. This course is suitable for beginners as well as seasoned marketers and is presented in a series of 4 live events recorded in front of a live class. Chris Record presents the training and each event provides at least 6 hours of training. More specific strategies like Facebook advertising, list building, ecommerce, seo, affiliate marketing, etc are covered in this level.

TEC Week is a premier course and presents a masters level course over 2 years with 120 credit hours of tuition. This is a combination of online and on campus classes with the ability to repeat classes called auditing.

The most expensive courses are the Incubator courses with Ecom Incubator providing hands on training on campus with Ecom instructors on site to help you over the shoulder as you create and launch a online Shopify store with Facbook marketing included.

Chris has moved away from his previous webinar and event type training that he was famous for. Products like Dark Post Profits, Team Shopify, Speed Blogging and $8K Per Day Formula are now relegated to a library of free trainings for new Ambassador members and higher at Tecademics. He now focuses on new structured learning concepts using their proprietary Systematic Path Process (SPP) to deliver content in a way that students can absorb and implement effectively. Gone are the days of ‘fire hose’ content delivery that leads to information overload. Truly a step in the right direction for Chris Records and Tecademics.