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Office Furniture: Office Chair Measurements

Probably the single most important furniture in the workplace is the office chair. We know that some workplaces are abandoning seats and moving toward standing desks, but even then the majority of employees prefer to sit than stand all day.

Studies have shown that office furniture can affect workplace productivity. The more personalized and vibrant the furniture, the higher is employee productivity and enthusiasm. Seeing how the office chair is the most used (and underrated) item of office furniture, here is Nicole Groshek from National Business Furniture with some important tips on choosing the most suitable office chairs for your office.

Office Chair Measurements that Matter

With the vast and varied selection of office chairs available, narrowing down your options can be tough. Youve probably considered cost, ergonomics and aesthetics during your shopping process, but have you thought about getting a chair with the right measurements? Just like a desk or bookcase, chairs come in many sizes, and youll want to find one that will fit with your workspace, your work style and your body type. Heres what to consider before making a purchase.

Overall Size. Office chairs come in three primary sizes: standard, petite and big and tall. Standard size chairs are the most common, and they are suitable for the widest range of users, including people weighing up to 250 pounds. Petite chairs are designed to support shorter users, while big and tall chairs can accommodate higher weight capacities.

Seat Depth and Height. No matter which chair size you select, you should take note of the seat depth size and height range. The seat depth refers to the measurement from the back of the seat to the front, whereas the seat height refers to the measurement from the floor to the seat of the chair. Almost all computer chairs come with an adjustable seat height, but the range in height varies from chair to chair. Only some office chairs come with an adjustable seat depth, so be sure to read the product description or call one of our furniture experts to ensure that youre getting a chair with the right measurements for your body type.

Arm Height. Your arms should be at a 90 degree angle when set on your armrests to ensure proper posture. You can also avoid damaging your desk by knowing the height from the floor to the top of the chairs armrests at the lowest and highest positions. Armrests should be lower than the top of your desk so that they can slide smoothly under the work surface when you need to get close. Too high and they will bump into your desk, which can be annoying for you and damaging to your desk.

Back Height. You may also want to consider how the back height of your chair will affect the way you work. Most standard size chairs have a mid-size back, but many mid-back chairs also have the option to add a headrest if you prefer something with a higher back. Big and tall chairs generally come with a high back.

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