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How To Set Up A Sales Funnel For Maximum Profits

Product Reviews Blog blogger authored this article on the topic of setting up a sales funnel.

Sales funnel is a term used to describe an Internet marketing system where website visitors are taken through different stages of a sales process. Though it is easy to plan a sales funnel, it is an entirely different proposition to design a highly effective one. Many sales funnels start with a free offer that general website visitors are lead to. This usually produces many subscribers that take up the initial offer for exchange of their email.

Once visitors subscribe, the sales funnel takes them right away to a one time offer, OTO, that is usually a low-cost product. This is where marketers sort out true buyers and freebie seekers. Most will just skip the one time offer and decide to remain as a free user. But some will invest in the offer and show that they are ready to spend money and get the information in detail.

After the funnel took the ones that bought the one time offer, it then takes them to a high-end offer that has a lot more value than the first offer. Once subscribers pay their money for the initial product, it is assumed that they are more than ready to pay more for other additional products. It is as well believed that they are in a buying mode and will impulsively buy whatever is presented in front of them.

This is how we judge how effective a sales funnel is. The conversion rate of different funnels varies as people respond to different factors on the site. That is why seasoned marketers want to test different funnel types to find out which converts very well. Conversion could dramatically increase when the site’s template changes or some words and phrases are used. Whatever is causing the conversion should always be seen as a determinant factor in the funnel.

For most online marketers, designing a highly converting sales funnel is out of reach. The sales copy, the graphics, videos and every little detail must fall in place to see better results. Most of all, the offer must be something that people in the niche are so willing to give their money for. Once that great offer is found, it is a matter of tweaking and testing until that great funnel is set up.
Marketing with a well designed sales funnel is the best method to make money online as it helps us build a subscribers list. Once this list is built, it should quickly be nurtured through frequent follow ups. A responsive list is one of the best online assets marketers can build. Once there, making money is just as easy as sending out a well designed email campaign, which could be called a Push-Button system.