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How To Increase Your Website Speed For Seo

SEO is simply an abbreviation for search engine optimization. It is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic. By increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic, in turn, helps visibility of a web page to users of the search engine. It helps to put you up on the list, way above your competitors such that when consumers click on your link your search results will appear up among the top 5 on the search results.

You see by all this, you get to enjoy the benefit of displaying and marketing your product as an internet marketing strategy. website optimization SEO dictates search engine behavior through what people search for and what keywords they type into the search engines. Youre probably asking yourself WHY you need SEO for your website. Here are some of the reasons why:

SEO Is Cost-Effective

It is one of the most pocket-friendly marketing tools online. It is a very accommodative strategy as all the services are customized according to your needs and budget. It is designed to meet the need of your business and your clients. SEO takes into account every detail since it relies on research.

SEO Takes Advantage Of Competition

SEO has gained popularity over the years so there are millions of businesses that integrate it since it has proven to be efficient for online marketing strategies. Although as a seller, you have to use it in the right way in order for it to increase your business to doing so, your business will definitely be above your competition and here you will have advantage over them in terms of getting potential clients ahead of the competition and this is definitely good for business, right?

Most Businesses Are Positioned Online

With the world going digital, you will presume that the internet has taken over almost all our day to day activities. With approximately 85% of the world’s population have access to internet services, it is convenient for businesses to sell themselves online where they are sure to reach a good number of potential consumers. A good number of people will turn to the net whenever they want to purchase something so the search engines come in handy at this time. Depending on your search rankings your website has to be found to generate you the profits you need from your business.

These are just among the many reasons as to why you need to SEO your website.
To get on the right track, you need to know how to increase your website speed for SEO to improve our rankings.

Reduce Your Image Size

There is no harm in compressing your images. Quality will still be the same its just the size that will change and that will not do any harm on them. The problem with larger images is that when users want to download them from the site it will drag and thereby causing it to load slowly. The smaller the image, the faster it will load and that Is best for business.

Clean Up Plugins

Not all plugins are useful to you, most take up space and increase the load on your page making it bulky since they allow a web to display additional information which may not be necessary. They then affect your load time, make sure to clean them up frequently.

Get An Efficient Host

Shared hosts will slow your web speed because they host probably thousands if not millions of other websites. You might think that by opting for shred hosts you are saving money but cheap is expensive in the long run so be wise.

Choose An Efficient Theme

Just like plugins, not all themes are helpful. You will be better off choosing a simple theme with a faster load time than one that is bulkier with very attractive features. There are plenty of simple themes you can opt to choose from so that should not be a worry.

Control Image Loading

Select images that will load easily for the user the other images will only load when the user clicks it for viewing to get more information.

Delete Unused Post Drafts

Old blog posts that are in the draft can be deleted to create space for new ones. When they lie there they are not only useless but also eat up your loading time.

Make Your Database More Efficient

Clean up your database to prevent needless information from building up. This will, in turn, make your page load faster on the user’s device.


You should keep in mind that the lower your loading time, the higher chances you have on improving your user’s experience, make your page load speed time better and you will notice a positive change. You will benefit more from that.