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Eco-friendly Tips For Businesses

Running a business is no easy task, and trying to do it in an eco-friendly manner is even more challenging. When running a green business, you need to carefully review every decision that you make to ensure that it doesnt have a negative impact on the environment (or at least its impact should be minimal). Being an environmental warrior is not easyyou will be tempted to give up at every turn, but if you want to play your part in protecting our beautiful planet, you must persevere. When the going gets tough, you need to remember that your eco-friendly project wont be in vain.

Going green has several practical benefits for your business. The obvious benefit is that you will be making a difference in the world in your own small way. The second benefit is that going green is in itself a marketing strategy that can help you gain a lot of customers. The vast majority of consumers care about the environment, and when they find out that your business is doing its part to be sustainable and to conserve the environment, they will reward you with their loyalty. Green businesses are particularly attractive to younger consumers, especially the millennials. Now that you understand the importance and the benefits of going eco-friendly, here are some tips to help you get started with the process.

Choose your company vehicles carefully

If your company is large enough, you probably need a fleet of cars for your employees. Before you select any particular make and model of car for your fleet, carefully consider the kind of impact that your vehicles will have on your carbon footprint. First, you have to keep your fleet as small as possible because the more cars you operate, the higher your levels of carbon emission will be. If you can afford it, select hybrid or electrical cars for your fleet. If you must use regular cars, choose the ones with the best possible mileage and lowest levels of emissions.

Use less paper

If your business is equipped with all the modern technological tools, then there is really no need to use so much paper. In fact, many businesses have proven that its possible to go completely paper-free. If you must use paper, try to limit it to the most essential documents. Nowadays, instead of printing out files and photocopying documents, you can very well store and share your documents digitally. There are lots of cloud-based file storage businesses that can keep your documents secure and remotely accessible at all times. In order to go paperless, you have to train your employees on how to use cloud-based tools, and you have to phase out paper slowly instead of all at once to allow your employees to get used to the change.

Upgrade your offices or building

There are many changes that you can make to your offices to make them eco-friendly. If you own the entire building, you can install solar panels on the roof, which will enable you to generate renewable electricity and reduce your dependence on the grid. If you dont own the building, you can try to convince your landlord to do it, or you can strike a deal that allows you to make major alterations to the building. You should also replace all your old lighting fixtures with energy efficient LED bulbs. Put your HVAC system on a timer so that it can turn off when its not needed. Switch off all your electronics and your light bulbs when you leave the office in the evening. For more tips on how to upgrade your offices to make them more eco-friendly, read this article.

Participate in green community projects

Look for environmental projects around your community, and offer your time and other resources to some of those projects. If you have a large business, you may have the resources and the capital needed to make a real difference in the community. You can mobilize local groups to carry out cleaning exercises, or you can organize events to raise environmental awareness in the community. If local schools have environmental clubs with ongoing projects, you can offer them material support. If you work closely with the community on eco-friendly initiatives, they’ll recognize you as an environmental warrior, and they will become your loyal customers.