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Choosing The Right Business Security System To Challenge Wrong Intentions

A restaurants security system against intruders must be different from a convenience stores. Surely, your company has its own unique set of valuables, which is why you should know which particular security system is appropriate for it. Business security systems generally come in four varieties: electronic access control, intrusion detection alarm, video surveillance, and virtual.

The first variety guarantees that only authorized employees can enter areas that are home to sensitive assets. For instance, a networked system that makes use of access cards can be installed throughout a companys base of operations. A single room can also be secured using exclusive automatic access systems.

Buying the necessary equipment for an electronic access control system could set you back a minimum of $1,000 per door. It should be worth it though, because this system, after all, is foolproof: that is, as long as an intruder doesn’t get his hands on an access card.

Meanwhile, intrusion detection alarm systems protect everything inside a store or a building. This system involves sensors which are supposed to detect unusual movement or any efforts to break in. Once the sensors are triggered, alarms are sent out to the concerned parties, which would allow them to check and see if there are any real threats.

There are some alarm systems that use automatic doors and gates that quickly trap intruders the second they tip off the sensors. Establishments that sell expensive items, such as jewelry shops, would need a sophisticated alarm system to stave off thieves until actual guards are present. Compared to losing, say, a diamond necklace, a couple hundred dollars is a small price to pay for the installation of this system.

This next variety, the virtual security system, is exclusively applied for an offices computer networks. Like every other business these days, your company probably stores important data and conducts business operations using computers. Give ill-intentioned hackers a hard time by investing in antivirus software and an impenetrable firewall. This will only cost you a yearly expense of anywhere from $30 to $100.

If you feel like the first three security systems arent enough to protect your office, maybe its just missing video surveillance. Among the security systems discussed so far, this is admittedly the least effective for discouraging and catching intruders. However, if the cameras are strategically hidden, it could do the job just as well as the others. Aside from that, its also a relatively cheap security system option. If you want to, you can purchase and install surveillance cameras yourself for as low as $300.

Although each of these systems may be implemented on its own, it’s still more practical to invest in a complete, integrated network of security systems. Since youve given your business your best, it now deserves the best protection.