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The most significant advantage of real time charge card processing is that there is no delay in the buying process. If the order went through, the client immediately knows. This technique is specifically efficient with companies offering downloadable items such as video, audio, or e-book.

As quickly as the credit card is swiped, the customer can download the product. The real time processing satisfies the need for a consumers instant gratification. If you are looking for automation, real time processing is for you. It needs a more complex set up than deferred processing, but once it has been set up and established; charge cards are processed quickly and efficiently.

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Why Outsourcing Small Business Bookkeeping Is Better Than Going Part-time

When you have a small business, chances are you and your employees won't have the time to handle the bookkeeping needs that will keep your finances running smoothly. In these cases, you typically have two options: hire someone as a part-time employee, or outsource your needs to a company that can handle the entire process.

Having a part-time bookkeeper may be a necessity and the best option for businesses that have a certain amount of volume. However, deciding to add someone to staff can have a lot of additional costs, including possibly having to provide benefits if they work over a certain number of hours a week.

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