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Advanced Duct Systems Creates Progressive E-commerce Cart Tech For Selling Ductwork Online

ADS a ducting supplier with warehouses in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia have put together a state of the art shopping cart to make the sales and delivery system for their quality range of products simple, streamlined and easy to use.

And, you may ask, what’s so special about establishing an on-line shopping cart for selling ductwork pieces on the web? Any person who works with ducting parts will tell you, it’s actually rather tough to do, due to the fact that there is a surprisingly large range of ductwork parts dimensions, not to mention every single one has its own particular price. Common dimension variables include particular diameters, lengths, and angles and all this diversity mean that conventional on-line shopping carts aren’t able to tackle the total amount of variables, without resorting to itemizing the exact same item repeatedly, with the only variant being the length, which turns operating the cart into something that is quite perplexing and inconvenient for somebody trying to place an order from the product range.

Here’s an example of this point:
Let’s say you wanted to purchase a piece of straight, standard galvanised duct, which is a moderately simple unit, yet the range of length as well as diameter permutations is rather significant. First of all there is the duct length. Standard galvanised ducting can be found in three general sizes: 0.5 of a meter, 1 meter and also 2 meters.

Next we should take into consideration the wide variety of diameters the product comes in, in this example we’ll use the most typical diameters, which are as follows: 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 140mm, 150mm, 160mm, 180mm, 200mm, 225mm, 250mm, 275mm, 300mm, 350 mm and also 400mm.

As you can see, this means we have 3 various lengths and 14 different diameters, so to set up an online cart just for straight galvanised ductwork, it’d necessitate 42 specific catalogue products. Which is just for straight galvanised ductwork!

There’s a wide variety of other pieces individuals using galvanised ductwork may also require, for instance, lobsterback bends, branch parts, telescopic ducting, ducting with door access, gates, valves, sweeps, rings, flanges … the selections continue, and furthermore every single one of them also has a selection of diameters, lengths and even sometimes even more variables.

You might find yourself thinking, that surely there are already shopping carts in the marketplace that already accommodate product lines with variations in each specific item like clothing or shoes for example, which can vary both sizes and colors and while this is true, when you change the colour or size of an item of clothing the price doesn’t have to change along with it, whereas in the range of ducting products, every different dimension corresponds to a different price and this is the complexity that normal shopping carts don’t handle in any satisfactory way.

Are you able to imagine being a customer seeking to search an online shopping cart to track down and also get the ductwork parts that you will need to produce an entire ductwork system? Just how unfriendly and also bewildering would it be to attempt to navigate countless different duct parts, all with varying diameters as well as lengths?

This complicated set of variables has made online shopping for ducting parts mind-numbing as well as time wasting.

But not any longer! Now that Advanced Duct Systems have recently solved this situation by building a custom online e-commerce shopping cart where a customer need but pay a visit to one specific component page to choose any kind of variable for that piece from a drop down menu, and have the prices for any medley of variables update live in the webpage on the shopping store.

This makes on-line browsing and also ordering a piece of cake, as you are now able to easily buy several diameters and also lengths from the one webpage! You can likewise download full specifications from the online cart from the exact same webpage.

So if you operate in a business where you need to buy ducting parts, think about the merits of choosing Advanced Duct Systems to buy your items online. Orders are delivered right to their pick & pack facilities and you get an order verification sent via email. Gone are the days of faxing or dialling through your orders and also the chance of “you verbalized one thing they heard something else” mishaps in orders is likewise removed.

Advanced Duct Systems (ADS) sells standard galvanized duct, pneumatic tubing, powder coated ductwork, pneumatic conveying ductwork systems, stainless steel ductwork as well as flex ducting online, from the world’s simplest to utilize shopping cart for buying ductwork. Take a look for yourself next time you need to acquire ductwork pieces. And don’t forget, wholesale and trade buyers are able to receive discount prices by being granted an original code that awards them with wholesale buyer rates.