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15 Recommendations To Develop Relationships With Your Team

It is the responsibility of company leaders to make sure that their members have high morale and are in tip top condition. One of the ways to maintain the best shape is to release their stress by having fun. Here are some engaging and exciting team building activities that will surely energize and de-stress your team members.

1. Dragon Boating

Here’s a fun activity during summer. Hit the beach and enjoy some watersports. Dragon boating is an excellent way to demonstrate the importance of teamwork and strengthen the team spirit as this activity requires team strength and coordination.

2. Build Playhouses

This activity is both enjoyable and fulfilling at the same time. Bring out your creativity and the child within you by building playhouses for kids. This activity will not only benefit your team by improving their artistic talent but will also provide playhouses for kids for years to come. Isn’t it wonderful to see kids playing in the playhouses your team built?

3. Loop de loop

It’s time to do some exercise and shake things up a little bit by playing hula hoop. Your team should form a circle while holding each other’s hands. Each hand will control a hula hoop. The goal of the game is to pass the hula hoop without letting it go.

4. Helium Stick

This is a simple, yet exciting activity that you can do in your workplace. Prepare a long stick which is called a helium stick for each team member. Divide your team into two teams. The objective of the game is to have each member hold the stick with their index finger close to their chest. Every person will then touch the stick without letting the stick fall.

5. Salt and Pepper

Time to break the ice and have your team members engage each other. Prepare pieces of paper, then list “pairs” such as salt and pepper, Donald duck and Daisy duck, etc. on each piece of paper. Tape each piece of paper on each person. They should then find their pair by walking around the room asking questions while blindfolded.

6. Fun Meetings

Who says team meetings has to be dull and boring. Here is a good way to add spice to a regular meeting. Instead of writing the agenda on a plain white piece of paper, write it on a hard colored paper. Then give small rewards to anyone who can contribute to the agenda. This will bring them back to their university days.

7. Talking in Circles

This could be difficult but a fun and effective way to build coordination and teamwork. Let your team make a circle, then have them hold a long string using both hands around the circle. They should then form shapes without letting go of the string.

8. Paint-Balling

This is a game that will give your team an adrenaline rush and will keep their heart pumping. This is also a good way to build teamwork as this game requires constant communication, strategy, and coordination. This will also show that you can be both athletic and intelligent.

9. Try ART

This is an abbreviation for Awareness of Reflexive Tendencies. This is a good way to check how the team will work in a demanding and pressuring situations. It will also help you assess who stands out and who needs a hand in your team.

10. Move Tennis Balls

Another physically demanding game that will test your team members physiques. It will show you how fast and agile they are and how they will react to “emergency” situations. The goal of the game is simple. Each team will get as many tennis balls as possible within a set amount of time.

11. Coin Logo

In this game, the team who has the most coins and creativity wins. Each team member should remove everything from their pocket. The objective is to create a shape or logo that will represent the team using the coins. They can also use other office materials such as a pen and paper. The winner is the team who can create the best logo and has maximized their coins and other items.

12. Shoe Tower

Divide the team into groups of three to six members per group. Each group should take off their shoes and build the tallest tower using their shoes for five minutes. The winner is the group who builds the tallest tower! This is one of the most simple, yet enjoyable team activities around.

13. Ride some bikes

Riding a bike is fun and relaxing. You can also make it inspirational by coaching some teenagers while cycling. This is a good opportunity to have a talk about life with your younger team members. Click the video below to learn more about this program:

14. Build Prosthetic Hands

This is another fun and rewarding activity. Help some people by making prosthetics using prosthetic-hand-making kits. It’s a good activity for the team to work together knowing that their efforts are for a good cause.

15. Getting to Know You

This is also an icebreaker activity. Let your team know each other on a more personal level. On a piece of paper, describe or write any statement about each team member. Then let the other team members guess that person. This will help your team members know more about each other.

By visiting, youd get more of these examples of fun team building activitiesand will have the chance to change your team for the better!


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